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Lokas F.A.Q

Last updated: May 3, 2018

Studying words


I know several translations possible for a given word. Which one should I type in?

Each word accepts all correct translations. I try to be exhaustive but if I forgot any translation for a given word, just let me know and I will add it to the database. You can do that by using the contact button in the app, and I plan on adding an easier way to suggest an edit to a word.

When you fail to guess a word, it is always the first translation that is displayed as the correct answer.

Do I need to type in the determinant?

Since words have genders in Spanish, we use the occasion to teach them to you. It is more difficult, but you will never regret having learned the gender of each word, as this will make you a great speaker.

Only nouns have genders, so you will only need to type in the determinant when there is a determinant in the word to translate. All you have to do is translate whatever is indicated: if the determinant in English is indicated, add the determinant in Spanish.


  • the night -> la noche (noche will not be accepted)
  • God -> Dios
  • the food -> la comida (comida will not be accepted)

Do I need to type in accents?

Yes. Missing an accent is a typo in Spanish, so yes, it is required that you correctly type in the accents.

How do I type in an accent?

Long press any key on the keyboard.

I strongly advise you to add the Spanish keyboard to your keyboards (iPhone -> Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add new keyboards), so that you get used to typing on it. After all, once you'll be fluent, you'll want to use the Spanish keyboard to communicate with native speakers!

Do I need to capitalize words?

No, capitalization is ignored when comparing your answer to the correct translation.

Learning progress for each word


Each word you learn goes through its own learning path.

Words you already know

The goal is to get rid of them as fast as possible, to limit the time you spend on words that you already knew. The flow is therefore very simple:

Status Explanation
Never guessed This is your first encounter with this word.
Suspected Known You found the correct translation on your first guess. Lokas suspects that you already know this word.
Skipped You got it right again. Lokas knows for sure that you already knew this word, and will skip it forever. It will not be counted in your total words learned stat, but you do keep the XP you earned.

If a word is Suspected Known and you fail to translate it correctly at your next guess, it will enter the learning path.

Words you have to learn

Any word that you fail guessing at least once is considered new (you might kind-of know it already, but it is a good idea to make sure that you know it very well, by focusing a bit more on it). Here are the statuses by which each new word will pass:

Status Explanation
Never guessed This is your first encounter with this word.
Guessed once You correctly guessed this word once.
Guessed 2 times You correctly guessed this word 2 times in a row.
Guessed 3 times You correctly guessed this word 3 times in a row.
Guessed 4 times You correctly guessed this word 4 times in a row.
Guessed 5 times You correctly guessed this word 5 times in a row, it is now considered learned. In 24 hours, it will appear in the review section.

If you fail at any point of this progresion, you go back to 0 times guessed.

Words you have to review

It takes 4 reviews and 101 days minimum (that's if you review the word right when it's available for review) to learn a word forever.

Status Days after previous review Total days after first learned
1st review 1 1
2nd review 10 11
3rd review 30 41
4th review 60 101

If you fail at any point of this review cycle, it will not go back in the original list (it stays in the review mode), but you will need to enter the word correctly five times in a row for it to start over its review cycle.

XP and Levels


How do I earn more XP?

You earn experience points (XP) each time you study words. XP are used to determine your level (see next question).

You only earn XP when you type in a correct answer. The number of XP you earn for each right answer depends on the status of the word you are studying:

- Each correct answer gives you +1 XP.

- In addition, some milestones offer you more XP:

New word status Additional XP reward
Guessed correctly
for the 5th time
Reviewed for the 1st time +2
Reviewed for the 2nd time +2
Reviewed for the 3rd time +2
Reviewed for the 4th time
and learned forever

How is my level determined?

Levels are based on the number of experience points (XP) you have earned:

Level XP needed
1 0
2 100
3 200
4 500
5 1,000
6 2,000
7 5,000
8 10,000
9 20,000
10 50,000
11 100,000
12 200,000
13 500,000
14 1,000,000
15 2,000,000