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Lokas Release Notes

Last updated: May 7th, 2018

Version 3.1.2

  • NEW: you now sometimes get a second chance when making a mistake. When learning, you get this second chance for any word that you already guessed at least 3 times correctly. When revising, you always get a second chance. We all makes typos from time to time, and it was frustrating to lose all our progress when making one. This is now fixed!
  • The correct answer is now displayed outside of the answer text field. This makes it easier to understand and to read.
  • Improved the initial tutorial.
  • Added a help message when first skipping a word
  • Made some light changes in the design on the learning page (the word type is not shown in green anymore).
  • Fixed: the loading indicator would sometimes not appear on the home page (even though data was loading)
  • Fixed: the keyboard would sometimes close when switching back to Lokas other apps that use the keyboard. But only some apps. Really weird.

Thank you all, and keep sending me feedback and rating the app!

Version 3.1.1

I've made quite a few changes in this version, mainly to improve the onboarding experience:

  • Added a FAQ and release notes to the settings menu.
  • Fixed: when guessing correctly the last word of a list, its status was not animating.
  • You can now just tap on your username to change it.
  • Replaced the emojis that indicate a list is completed by a checkmark.
  • Added an interactive tutorial for new users (before creating an account).
  • Improved how the help messages are displayed (bye-bye, ugly alerts that close the keyboard!)

Version 3.1

Introducing Lokas Conjugation! A new section for Lokas Pro users that lets you study the most common Spanish verbs in all their conjugated forms (ex: I went, you eat, he should think, etc.). I am gonna be adding more verbs and tenses over the next few weeks, and I’ll send a notification once in a while to let you know.

Other cool changes (big thanks to Ed, Marley and many others for their suggestions):

  • Revision feature: it was not clear enough that the revision feature is accessible for free, forever. I changed the flow and the wording to make it clearer.
  • Shorter lists: each vocabulary list now contain 25 word rather than 50. Your progress in each list will be calculated when you first open the app.
  • Made mode obvious which lists you finished learning (using emojis, of course).
  • After watching an ad to revise, the revision page now automatically opens. One less click needed from you!
  • Sometimes, the ad would not play and you could not revise your words. Shame on me! I’ve changed that to make sure that you can always revise your words.

And some other small changes (Devil is in the details!):

  • Centered the progress text that is shown when you are about to leave a list.
  • Made the exit button easier to tap on the learning page.
  • Changed the color of the gradients of the home page (two sets of gradients for the two modes: vocabulary and conjugation). Devil is in the details.
  • Better word status images: some of them were a bit confusing, as they made new users think that the correct answer should have 5 letters or syllables.

Version 3.0.6

  • You can now enable notifications (to know when new words have been added, or remind you of words to revise, etc).
  • When opening the app, the cards automatically scroll to the last list you were studying.
  • I’ve added an in-app rating/review prompt, so that you can easily leave a rating (thank you!).

Version 3.0.5

BIG NEWS: access to the revision feature (for long-term learning) is now FREE!

If you still want to support my work, you can upgrade to Lokas Pro to remove ads. I'll keep adding new premium features and exclusive vocabulary lists to Lokas Pro over the next few weeks.

Version 3.0.4


  • For new users: the tutorial won’t re-appear when entering the app for the first time, if it has already been opened on the login page.

Bug fixes:

  • For new users: the tutorial won’t re-appear when entering the app for the first time, if it has already been opened on the login page.
  • Various important bug fixes: sign-up date and initial level was not always saved to the database + not all data was reset after logging out.
  • Login page: the email field was sometimes not pre-filled.
  • Login page: the email field won’t be pre-filled if you previously used Facebook to log in.

Version 3.0.3

Since the sun is back here in Barcelona, let’s celebrate with a small update that focuses on convenience!

  • New users can now log in with Facebook, in one click!
  • If you’ve added a space or a punctation mark ( ,./‘?!”) by mistake at the end of your answer before pressing return, that character will be ignored and your answer will be accepted (e.g. “la manzana,” will be accepted even though it ends with a comma). Thanks Marley!

Version 3.0.2

In this update, I focused on helping you understand what’s going on as you learn and revise words! Here’s the list of changes:


  • I added tons of help indications that appear after doing certain actions for the first time (thank you Edouard, Anatole, Vital and Marley).
  • Also added a small text that describes the status of the word you are studying (for instance: “this is the third time you revise this word”). This should make even clearer what’s going on with each of the word you are currently learning or revising.
  • Words that achieve an important milestones (being learned, revised or skipped) stay on screen a little bit longer. As Leonardo Da Vinci said: “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail”.
  • Everything you do on the keyboard between the moment your answered starts processing and the moment the next word is displayed and ready is ignored. This prevents you from entering empty or false answers by mistake during the animation (thanks Marley).

Bug fixes:

  • In come cases, It was possible that you couldn’t click the buttons of the alert for new updates available. Fixed! (thank you Máté)
  • The keyboard on the studying page would sometimes be close when you came back to Lokas after switching to another app.
  • In some cases, after coming back to the home page, the “revise” button background color would not be the correct one.

To fix:

  • If the revise button shows a negative time interval (welcome to the 4th dimension) and is not clickable, just enter any list and then come back to the Home page. I am working on a fix, but didn’t want to wait for it to push the rest of the new features and bug fixes.

Version 3.0.1

  • I added an explanation of what XP, levels and statistics are. To see it, just tap those sections on the home page.
  • Fixed: on your first session, if you tried to contact me, you had to type in your email (thank you Clarence and Benoit for telling me)
  • iPhone X: the revision button height was a bit stretched; it now has normal shape. Normal for a button, that is...
  • Various small tweaks in the texts and UI.
  • Erratum: the screenshots of the previous version mentioned that each word had to be revised 5 times before being considered learned forever. This is incorrect, each word goes through 4 revisions: the first one occurs 1 day after learning the word, the second one 10 days later, then 30 days and 60 days later. That’s a cycle of 101 days per word. Wow!

Version 3.0

  • Brand new design for Lokas 3.0! I hope you will love it.
  • I added a system of levels, based on the XP you have earned.